Exporting your design as an MP4 export gives you the option of uploading your designs to channels that don’t currently accept HTML5 uploads, like social platforms.

MP4 Exports are currently a Beta feature. Please reach out to your account manager for early access.

The max length of an MP4 export is 30 seconds. You can set the length of your MP4 video in two ways: 

Add an Animation Sequence

Add an animation sequence to your design and the animation sequence duration will set the length of your MP4 export. Learn how to create an animation sequence here

Edit Length on Export

On the Export Panel, you can adjust the Video Length option to set the video duration. The default length of an MP4 export is the duration of your animation sequence. If you don’t have an animation sequence set in your design, then the default length will be 1 second. To change the duration of your MP4 export, use the arrows beside the time listed, or simply enter the number of seconds you’d like the duration set to.

Exporting MP4 Video

To export your design as an MP4 export, open the Export Panel and click the 'Fixed' tab. Under the Fixed tab, select 'Export as Video (.mp4)'. 

After selecting Export as Video (.mp4), choose the size you’d like to export from Flexitive, and then click on Export Video (.MP4).

You can export MP4 designs one size at a time.