Your Flexitive design can be easily exported to major file formats including HTML5, JPG, MP4, and GIF. Our range of export options allows you to choose the format that works best for your design and channel, helping to increase quality, performance and extend the reach of your visual communications. 

GIF exports are perfect when displaying your animated designs in an email or on your website. You can then export the same design in a different format for other channels, such as exporting an MP4 for social media.

The max length of a GIF export is 15 seconds.

Add an Animation Sequence

Add an animation sequence to your design and the animation sequence duration will set the length of your GIF export. To learn how to create an animation sequence, check out our article on Creating an Animation Sequence.

Exporting GIF

Before exporting your design, you will need to Publish your design. Publishing your design will automatically save your design. Learn more about Publishing your Design.

To export your design as a GIF export, open the Export Panel and click the 'Fixed' tab. Under the Fixed tab, select 'Export as GIF'. 

GIF exports are Offline Files and are only available under the Offline Files tab. Learn more about Offline v Live Files

After selecting 'Export as GIF', choose the size you’d like to export from Flexitive, and then click on Export GIF. GIFs can be exported one size at a time. Some high-resolution sizes are not available as GIF exports.

Edit Length on Export

On the Export Panel, you can adjust the GIF Length option to set the GIF duration. 

The default length of a GIF export is the duration of your animation sequence. If you don’t have an animation sequence set in your design, then the default length will be 1 second. 

To change the duration of your GIF export, use the arrows beside the time listed, or simply enter the number of seconds you’d like the duration set to.