Alt-text (alternative text), also known as "alt attributes", “alt descriptions" are labels that can be added to images in a design to describe the appearance and function of that image. Alt-Text is screen-reader friendly, and is required by some government and accessibility standards.  Alt-Text can be added to any image asset.

Similar to Alt-Text, a user may also set an element to have an Aria Label. Aria labels are functionally similar to alt-text in that they provide a label for an element that a screen-reader can interact with to read to a user.

Adding Alt-Text to an Image

To add Alt-Text to your image, select the image on the canvas and open the Image Settings panel from the left-hand side. To enable alt-text for an image element, you will also need to switch the Alt-Text Toggle to ON, and enter the alt-text that you require.

You may also enable Alt-Text for an Image and change the Alt-Text from the Accessibility Panel. To toggle Alt-Text on, click the 'Alt-Text' button to the right of the image in the panel. you can then change the Alt-Text by editing the label beneath the element in the panel.

Adding Aria-Labels to Flexitive Elements

Aria-Labels may be applied to any Flexitive element other than an Image element.

To add an Aria-Label to an element, open the Accessibility panel for the design, toggle the Aria-Label toggle to the right of the element ON.

Once the Aria Label is enabled, you can edit the Aria Label by changing the text beneath the Element in the Accessibility panel.