'Tabbing' refers to the action of pressing the 'Tab' key on your keyboard to navigate through elements on a web-page. Tabbing is important for accessibility, as it enables viewing content in a design using a screen-reader.

In the Accessibility Panel in Flexitive, you will have the ability to control the tabbing settings for elements in your design, both having the option to edit which elements will have tabbing enabled, and the order in which elements will be tabbed through.

Enabling Tabbing on an Element

To enable tabbing on an element, click the 'Enable Tabbing' button to the right of the element in the Accessibility Panel.

Enabling Tabbing for an element will change the icon to Green.

With element tabbing enabled, when the design is viewed in either a preview page or after exporting, a Flexitive user will be able to navigate through all elements on the design that have been set to 'Tabbing Enabled'

Controlling the Order of Element Tabbing

Once tabbing has been enabled for an element, you will be able to control the order in which tabbing occurs on elements by re-ordering the elements in the Accessibility Panel.

When tabbing through elements, the order will follow the order in the Accessibility panel, starting at the top and working down to the bottom.

Elements can be re-ordered in the accessibility panel by either:

  • Dragging and dropping the elements in the panel; or
  • Using the arrow keys at the top of the panel when an element is selected.