Export your design as a Static PDF file from the Export panel. Before exporting your design from Flexitive, you will need to Publish your design. Publishing your design will automatically save your design. Learn more about Publishing your Design

In the Export panel, click the 'Fixed' tab. Under the Fixed tab, select 'Export as Static PDF'. 

PDF exports are Offline Files and are only available under the Offline Files tab. Learn more about Offline v Live Files.

Once you've selected Static PDF, you can set the following properties:

Export Properties

Offline Files

Static Image Quality


Export 2x size images

Add 1-pixel border

* DPI → Adjusts the dots-per-inch of the generated PDF.

After selecting the properties you'd like applied to your PDF exports, you can select the sizes you'd like to export, and click 'Download File (.ZIP)' to create your PDF exports. This will export a ZIP file containing PDF files of all of the sizes you selected from your project.