What is An Embedded Page?

Embedded Pages are Flexitive designs or External pages that have been uploaded to a Flexitive project and can be used as an asset. 

To upload an embedded page to a Flexitive project, open the Pages > Design ID tab in the Assets panel and paste the Design-ID into the Paste Design ID Here field. Pressing the arrow button will then upload the page to your Assets panel.

For more information on finding the Design-ID for a project, check out our article on 'How to find a Design-ID'.

An Embedded Page in Flexitive is called a Child Page, and a design that contains an Embedded Page is a Parent Page to that Child page. Changes to a Child Page will also change the Parent page after the parent page is re-saved.

Embedded Pages can be set up to be Responsive. A responsive embedded page will adapt to the different sizes and aspect ratios that it will be displayed in for the different sizes of the Parent Page. This is unique to Embedded pages and makes them easy to scale into multiple sizes.

Duplicating Embedded Pages

It is possible for one Flexitive design to be a Child Page for multiple Parent Pages. In these instances, a change made to the Child Page will affect every Parent Page.

This is particularly relevant when you are Duplicating a Parent Page. When you duplicate a Parent Page, it will reference the same Child Page as the original project, so making a change to the Child Page will be represented on both the original Parent Page and its duplicate.

If your design contains an ISI or Legal Widget, you can choose to duplicate the Child Pages as well as the Parent Page. When you duplicate the Parent page, you will be prompted to select one of the three options shown below:

  • Link and Duplicate: Duplicates the page and links the same Child Pages from the original design to the duplicate
  • Duplicate: Duplicates the page and the Child Pages, linking the duplicated child pages to the new design
  • Cancel: The page will not duplicate