What is A Responsive Global Asset?

Responsive Global Assets are single elements or fully responsive pages that are created to embed within other designs. Update the master design (Global Asset) and save it to reflect changes on any child (embedded into) design it appears on.

Whether you have a brand asset that appears on lots of designs, or simply want to create an animated design that behaves independently from the animation sequence of the design it’s embedded into, global assets are a perfect solution.

Building A Responsive Global Asset

To start building a Responsive Global, you will want to start by building a responsive design. You can then construct your Responsive Global Asset such that it is able to adjust it's layout based on different aspect ratios it will be displayed at.

In addition to being able to make your design responsive, you can also add an animation sequence to the design if you would like your Responsive Global Asset to be an animated element.

Uploading a Responsive Global Asset to your Assets Panel

To upload an Responsive Global asset to a Flexitive design:

  1. Copy the Design ID for your the design you would like to upload to the assets panel of your design by clicking on it in. How to find a Design ID.
  2. Open the design you would like to add the Responsive Global Asset to.
  3. Open the assets panel for the design you would like to upload the Responsive Global Asset to.
  4. Open the Pages > Design ID tab, and paste the Design-ID into the Paste Design ID Here field. Click the arrow button to upload the Responsive Global Asset.

Once you've uploaded a Responsive Global Asset into a Flexitive design, you can drag and drop it onto the canvas like any other Flexitive asset.