Making playlists for Digital Signage is an inexpensive and high-quality way to display your designs. While this feature is not enabled by default, users under an Enterprise subscription may request it at any time by reaching out to and we will add it to your account at no extra charge.

To access your playlists, enter the Signage Playlists tab under the Library drop-down on the top left-hand side of the editor.

You can navigate and edit this tab in the same way that you can navigate the Creative Library.

The main difference between this Signage Playlist tab and the Creative Library tab is the option to add a new playlist by pressing the Plus button in the top of the middle panel. Pressing this button will create a new Playlist for you to add your designs to.

To add objects to the Playlist, you will first need to add them to the folder containing the playlist. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Find the project you wish to add to the playlist in your Creative Library.
  2. Open the Signage Playlists tab.
  3. Using the Move function, move the design into the folder containing your playlist. This will create a copy of the design in that folder. For more information on how to do this, please see our associated article on Moving Projects

Once all the projects are in the necessary folder, you can add them to the playlist by using the Move option and placing them on the playlist.

Playlist Settings

After you have added all the necessary designs to the playlist, you can edit their settings. You can control the following:

Duration: This controls how long the design will be displayed for in the playlist.

Times to Display: Clicking this will set the times and days that a design will be shown in the playlist. All times are based on your local time zone.

Remove from Playlist: Completely remove a design from a playlist.

Reorder: Change the order in which the designs are displayed n the playlist.


Adding Transitions

The Transition Style option for your Flexitive playlist allows you to control how Flexitive will transition between the designs in your Playlist. There are 4 options for transitions listed below.

  • None: There will be no transition animation between the designs, and the displayed design will simply change
  • Fade: When the duration for displaying the first design ends, the old design will disappear and the new will fade in
  • Slide: When the duration for displaying the first design ends, the old design will disappear and the new will slide in 
  • Swipe: The playlist will not automatically transition, but instead will change when on a swipe user interaction


Previewing your Playlist


When you have finished creating your playlist, you can preview it by clicking the Preview button next to the name of the playlist.


Clicking this button will take you to a preview of your playlist. You will be able to find the Playlist-ID in the URL for the preview and then be able to display the playlist in the Flexitive Digital Signage Application.