ScreenCloud is a digital signage platform that can be used to display and manage digital signage playlists that you build in Flexitive. ScreenCloud works across a wide range of common devices including modern Smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Windows and Mac. 

You can host a Flexitive Digital Signage playlist in ScreenCloud to display your designs. To host your Flexitive design in ScreenCloud, you will first need to make a Digital Signage Playlist in Flexitive. For more information, check out our article on Making a Digital Signage Playlist.

After you have made a Flexitive Digital Signage Playlist, follow these instructions to host the playlist in ScreenCloud:

  1. In Flexitive, open the digital signage playlist you would like to host in ScreenCloud by tapping the Preview Button to the right of the Playlist's name.
  2. After tapping the Preview Button, Flexitive will open a new tab to display your playlist. In the new tab, copy the URL. The URL will have the naming convention ''.

  3. Log into your ScreenCloud account and create a New Playlist by tapping 'Create New Playlist' in the left-hand side panel.

  4. Creating a new playlist in ScreenCloud will automatically open the playlist on your screen. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on 'Add Web Site'.

  5. In the modal that opens after clicking 'Add Web Site', paste the URL for your Flexitive playlist and click 'Add URL'

  6. Drag and drop the 'Web' component you added to your ScreenCloud account into your New Playlist to add it to the playlist. Click the Duration of the playlist, and change the total duration to the length of the Flexitive Playlist.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the Flexitive Support Team at