Multi-design preview pages are a single page preview that lets you review or compare different designs. Accommodate design variations onto a single URL, or include similar designs together in a preview page, even if they were created as separate designs in Flexitive.

Creating a preview page with multiple designs including in a single page is done by adjusting the URL for the designs you'd like to preview. To do this, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Create an external preview pagefor all of the designs you'd like to include in your multi-design preview.
    • Each preview page you create will have a unique URL. We will be combining the URLs you create at this step into one single URL.

  2. Open the preview pages in two separate browser tabs.

  3. For one of the preview URLs, select the following text:
    • Starting directly after the question mark, excluding the question mark
    • Ending after the 'pageId={design-id}&' portion of the URL, including the ampersand ('&')
    • The range of the URL in question is highlighted in the screenshot below:

  4. Copy the selected portion of the URL.

  5. In the separate document containing the first preview page URL, paste the copied text into the URL following the last 'pageId={design-id}

  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for each preview page you would like to add to the Multi-Design Preview.

  7. For the URL you've created, press 'Enter'.
    • If it's been setup correctly, the preview page should open with each design included in the page.

If you're having any trouble creating a multi-design preview, reach out to, and send them the URLs you are trying to combine into a multi-design preview.