In Flexitive, your preview pages can be white-labeled to include a company logo, secure custom URL, and your custom colors.

Preview Pages are perfect for the approval process as they display the most up-to-date version of your designs and can be viewed by anyone. Any saved changes made to your design will be reflected on the preview page once refreshed. Learn more about Preview Pages here

When setting up a Branded Preview Page on your Flexitive instance, you'll be asked to provide the following:

  • Your Company Logo:
    • This will replace the Flexitive logo in the top left corner of your preview page.

  • A Custom URL for your Company
    • This will replace the '' portion of the preview URL on your preview page, and instead replace it with your own custom branded URL.

  • Primary and Secondary Colors for your Preview Page
    • The Primary Color is the color that will be used in the top bar of your custom preview page, as well as the pillboxes for each component in the preview page.
    • The Secondary Color is the color that will be used for the text on your preview page

Branded preview pages are available under our Enterprise subscriptions. Contact your account manager today to set up your branded Preview Page.