When selecting which breakpoints you'd like to preview for a Responsive Design, you'll have the option to preview 'All Active Breakpoints'. The 'All Active Breakpoints' tab of a Responsive Preview page will display every breakpoint you've activated in your design in a single view. For an example of the 'All Active Breakpoints' preview, check out this preview link.

To create a preview with the 'All Active Breakpoints' tab, open the Preview tab panel on the right-hand side of the editor, and select 'All Active Breakpoints' when selecting your sizes. To create the preview page, tap Preview Design.

When the 'All Active Breakpoints' option is active in your preview page, you'll be able to preview your design in a popout browser as a fully responsive design. To preview your design as a fully responsive design, tap the expand button in the tab for 'All Active Breakpoints'.

After tapping the expand button, a new browser window will pop up that can be used to re-size the design and see how the design responds to different sizes and resolutions.

As with all Flexitive Preview pages, the 'All Active Breakpoints' tab is updated in real time after you save your design. Updating your designs in real time ensures that someone viewing a Flexitive preview page will always see the most up-to-date version of your design.