When a design containing an MP4 video is exported for DoubleClick Studio (DCS), Flexitive automatically adds the code DCS needs to track video events. This means that when you export a design containing an MP4 for DCS, the DCS metrics dashboard will show: 

  • How much of the video was played (Quartile Tracking)

  • When the video was paused

  • When the video was played or resumed

  • When the video was muted/unmuted

To export a design for DCS, open the Export panel on the right-hand side of the editor. In the Ad Server Dropdown, select DCS - DoubleClick Studio, and then select the sizes that you would like to export. Tap Export Design (.ZIP) to export your design.

If you have any questions about tracking options in DCS, reach out to a member of the Flexitive Support team at support@flexitive.com.