Flexitive designs can be exported as HTML5 for DCO campaigns, for supported ad servers. 

Supported Ad Servers:

  • Google Studio
  • Clinch

Export for Google Studio DCO

When building a design for Google Studio - DCO, follow these steps; 

  1. In Google Studio, you’ll first need to set up a Dynamic Profile.

  2. In Google Studio, note down the Profile ID under the Dynamic Profile.

  3. In Flexitive, create each of your required design sizes and ensure the layer name for each dynamic element matches the column name of the data sheet that you’d like to connect it to. 
  • We recommend turning the auto-resizing text box option ON for dynamic text elements and anchoring any elements that you’d like to stay connected as your text changes.


Google Sheets:

4. Once the design is complete and you have set each dynamic layer name to match your data feed, you can export the design.

5. To export, open the Export Panel and select ‘Google Studio (DCS) - DCO’ from the ad server dropdown.

6. Next, add the Profile ID to each export. To add the Profile ID:

  1. Open the first design size within the ZIP folder, right-click on the index.html file, and open it with any text editor. (e.g TextEdit, Sublime Text
  2. In the text editor, search for ‘ProfileID’. Then copy and paste the Profile ID from your DCO Profile and paste this between the brackets.

  3. Save your updated index.html file. 
  4. Repeat steps 6a, 6b, and 6c for all design sizes

7. Upload the designs to Google Studio.