Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions, or MRAID, is a set of commands that allow a design to communicate with a smartphone/tablet app that the design is being served into. These commands allow the app to send information to and from the design.

You can export a Flexitive design as tags containing MRAID commands by selecting the Publish MRAID Tags in the Publish Panel prior to exporting your design. 

Publishing MRAID Tags is available for any ad server where tag exports are available. For a list of ad servers that support tag exports in Flexitive, check out our article on Ad Servers Supported by Flexitive.

At this time, MRAID exports are only available for Tags in Flexitive, and you will not be able to export a design as a ZIP file when you have the Publish MRAID Tags option selected.

For more information on MRAID, see the IAB Specifications for MRAID.