Exporting your design for CMS allows you easily host your design in an iframe, or as a generic HTML5 ZIP with no tracking information for ad servers. To export your fixed size design for a CMS, open the 'Export' Panel and open the Fixed tab. Under the Fixed tab, select CMS.

If you plan to serve your design using an ad server, such as DoubleClick or Sizmek, you'll need to export your designs for an Ad Server, rather than for CMS. For more information, check out our article on Exporting for Ad Servers.

Exporting a ZIP file for CMS

In the CMS tab, you'll have the option to export your design as a generic HTML5 ZIP file. These HTML5 ZIP files can be used to display your design, and contain no tracking information for ad servers.

To export your design as a ZIP file, open CMS tab in the Export panel, and select the sizes you'd like to export. After you've selected your sizes, click 'Export Design (.ZIP)'.

Exporting an Iframe Embed

Iframe exports for CMS contain an excel document with the script for an iframe for you to copy and paste directly into the HTML for your site. If you need an iframe embed for a CMS not included in our export options, contact a member of the Flexitive Support team at support@flexitive.com.

Iframe exports for CMS allow you to host designs in the same way as the design below. They will use any clickthrough, animation or hover state settings that you set in Flexitive.

Designs exported as an iframe for CMS is hosted on the Flexitive servers, so serving fees will apply.

CMS exports will provide you with an iframe you can add directly into the HTML for your site, and these iframes compatible with most CMS software. In Flexitive, we support exporting for the following CMS programs, although exports may work with other platforms as well:

Content Management System
Support Exporting Iframe Embeds?
Custom Site