Saving and Publishing a design enables you to update your Flexitive designs, and then control where those updates are pushed to. This makes it possible for you to review changes to your designs before they are pushed live, and then choose exactly when you want those changes to start appearing in your live designs.

Offline Files vs Live Files

An offline file is a design exported as a .zip file. 

  • Offline files contain all the files and code necessary to upload the design to the ad server. 
  • As offline files are not hosted by Flexitive or the ad server/DSP, Flexitive does not charge any CPM fees. 
  • Offline designs are not affected when you save or publish the design in Flexitive.

Live files are designs exported as iframes, tags, and live URLs. 

  • With live files, any change that you make and publish will be reflected on the live design. 
  • You can make changes to live designs without re-uploading your design to the ad server or DSP. 
  • As live designs are hosted by Flexitive or the ad server/DSP, a CPM fee does apply. Learn more about CPM fees. 

Saving a Design

Saving the design will: 

  • Update the design for all users on your Flexitive instance. 
  • Update any preview pages of your design with any changes made. 

Saved changes are not reflected on live designs. To update a live design with your changes, you’ll need to Publish the design. See Publishing a Design below. 

If you close your browser or Desktop app without saving, your changes could be lost. 

You can save your design at any time by clicking the Save button from the right-side panel.

Publishing a Design

Publishing a design will: 

  • Automatically save your design. 
  • Update any live files of the design exported from Flexitive 
  • If the design is being used as a Global Asset, the published changes will be updated in any designs where it is used. 

To export your design from Flexitive, you’ll first need to publish your design.

To publish a design, click the Publish button from the right-side panel.