Using Flexitive's Automated Variations feature, it's possible to build out a full design campaign built on an initial template in seconds. Automated Variations use Flexitive's Data Feed to automatically substitute new assets and copy into an initially created template, and generate a whole campaign with just one click.

Automated Variations are a beta feature, and only available for select Enterprise accounts. Reach out to your account manager for more information.

Automated Variations start with the Data Feed you use for the design. Data feeds used in Flexitive can be prepared as a CSV, XLSX or XML file. You can upload a URL pointing to an XML file.

Your Data Feeds can either contain text for your design, or images. You can see an example of an feed hosted via URL here.

Adding Text to a Data Feed

When setting up a feed containing text, simply include the text you would like to see displayed. This text should be included as plain text, and without any styling included. Styling the text can is done in the editor after linking the text into the design.

Adding Images to a Data Feed

When setting up a feed containing an image, you will first need to host the image on an external CDN or server. To add the image to your feed, take the URL pointing to the image, and place that in the feed.

When displaying the image, Flexitive will access the URL in the feed, and display the associated design.

Once you've created the feed for your design, you'll need to upload the feed to Flexitive. For more information on how to upload a data feed to Flexitive, check out our article on Uploading a Data Feed.