With a data feed, you can easily populate and update the content of your designs from a centralized source. Data Feeds help streamline your design production and can be used with Automated Variations and Live Elements. For more information on working with Data Feeds in Flexitive, check out our article Uploading a Data Feed.

A Data Feed can contain text and/or images. To add an image to your data feed, you’ll need to first host the image online.

Hosting an Image Online

There are a number of ways to host your image, whether you choose a free site such as Dropbox or Imgur, or you work with your team to host the images internally. 


Below are steps to hosting your image on Dropbox:

  1. Ensure your Dropbox account does not require a sign-in to view images. 

  2. Upload your image to Dropbox as normal. 

  3. Copy the uploaded image URL

  4. On the URL, replace &dl=0 with &raw=1.

For example:





You now have a direct link to your image, that can be added to your data feed.


Use Imgur to host elements like PNGs, JPGs & GIFs online. Imgur does not currently support SVG uploads. Learn more about supported file formats here.

Below are the steps to hosting your image on Imgur

  1. Upload your image to Imgur. You do not need to have an account. 
  2. Right-click on the uploaded image, and select 'Copy Image Address'
  3. Add the copied URL to your data feed.

An example of an image address is https://i.imgur.com/VwhFYsT.jpg.