Save 20% on your monthly subscription price by switching from a monthly to an annual subscription. 

Upgrading to an Annual Subscription

Upgrading your subscription can be done from the Billing Portal, under the Admin Panel. 

1. To access the Admin Panel, click the Admin button at the top of the screen in the editor. Only a user with Admin Privileges will be able to access the Billing Portal. 

2. Under the Billing Tab in the Admin Panel, select the ‘Visit Billing Portal’ button. You'll be taken to the Manage Subscriptions window. 

3. On the Manage Subscriptions window, select your current subscription at the top of the window and then select ‘Edit Subscription’.

4. Next, click the subscription dropdown. Your current subscription will be selected by default. Select the annual subscription option that you would like to upgrade to. 

5. Finally, select 'Update Subscription' to save your changes.